We are giving away FIVE $100 gift cards to some very lucky gals!

Follow the steps below to enter:


  1. Follow JESSAKAE on Pinterest (here:
  2. Create a fashion related pinterest board. 
  3. Repin at least 10 images from our Pinterest of items that you LOVE that can be purchased from JessaKae.
  4. Repin as many pins as you want (each pin will get you an entry) from JESSAKAE’s Pinterest, just make sure to hashtag #jessakae.
  5. Comment below the link to your board and your email! 


March 18, 2019 by Abbey Rasmussen



jennifer said:

Would love to win one of your dresses for Easter! pinned my faves!

Nina Pike

Nina Pike said:

Elisabeth vara

Elisabeth vara said:

Check this Board out on Pinterest!


Amanda said:


Amanda said:


Abygail said:

Jamie Kadyra

Jamie Kadyra said:

Jamie Kadyra


Jamie said:

Anna Schlupp

Anna Schlupp said:

Erica Resek

Erica Resek said:

Brynlee Bybee

Brynlee Bybee said:

Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson said:

Ilona Kaplun

Ilona Kaplun said:

Ibaa Hafeez

Ibaa Hafeez said:

Here is my board called: Shop Fashion #jessakae



Courtney Giles

Courtney Giles said:

Megan Forbes

Megan Forbes said:

This is a cool giveaway!!

Alyssa Dunkel

Alyssa Dunkel said:

Eryn Pawluk

Eryn Pawluk said:

As a broke college student, I love that you do so many fun things like this. A girl can only dream as being as stylish as all of the cute releases!!!


Kenz said: I’m in love with all of it😍😍

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith said:

Eryn Pawluk

Eryn Pawluk said:


Angela said:

Board- Spring and Easter

Lindsay Christie

Lindsay Christie said:


Gerri said:

Board- Fashion and fun
Angelina Torrens

Angelina Torrens said:

I love the rose maxi dress I bought from y’all! Best fabric ever! #softestdressever

Susannah Weight

Susannah Weight said:

I bought a dress for family pictures and it is my favorite!!❤️

Vicka kras

Vicka kras said: 🥰🥰🥰❣️

Irina Kazakov

Irina Kazakov said:

Kynnedy McDowell

Kynnedy McDowell said:

Adore all the dresses I pinned 😍

Amanda Wernke

Amanda Wernke said:
This stay at home mama would LOVE to win and be able to buy some cute new clothes ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Emily Adkins

Emily Adkins said:

Malika Asim

Malika Asim said:


Makenzi Johnson

Makenzi Johnson said:

My wardrobe needs an update so badly! What a fun giveaway!

Abigail Flores

Abigail Flores said:

Isabelle Owens

Isabelle Owens said:

Love this shop so much!!!

Cecilia Cramer

Cecilia Cramer said:

Cecilia Cramer

Cecilia Cramer said:

Rebekah Wells

Rebekah Wells said:


Yuliana said:


Taryn Gettling

Taryn Gettling said:

Here is my link! :)

Christy Richardson

Christy Richardson said:

Fingers crossed!


Evangelyn said:

JessaKae dreamy dresses are soooo absolutely incredible! 🔥✨😍

Chelsea Schmucker

Chelsea Schmucker said:

Love absolutely everything!!💕

Emma Reed

Emma Reed said:



Ashley said:


Christa said:

Veronica Sheko

Veronica Sheko said:
I live when girls come up to me in church and ask where do you get your clothes from or wow that one online store has wonderful modest clothing! It really makes me happy and proud to share and spread the word about #jessakae. Please keep up the good work and God bless!!

Megan Forbes

Megan Forbes said:

Forgot my email the first time 😢

Hannah Young

Hannah Young said:

Forgot my email

Ena Kadyra

Ena Kadyra said:

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