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Meet the Wanderlust Collection



So lovely!

Kinsley January 15, 2021

My favorites are definitely the Eiffle Dress and Vienna Dress! Can’t wait to receive them <3

Katie Rogerson January 11, 2021

love!! obsessed with all of them

markie January 11, 2021

obsessed with this collection!! i got the vienna floral and lemon drop! cant wait to get them :)

Elizabeth January 11, 2021

I have been anxiously waiting for this collection! I love how unique all of the styles Jessakae comes out with are. I got the eiffel dress, maren, and lovebird :)

Chloe H January 11, 2021

Loving this collection! The miss socialite dress is stunning

Hannah January 10, 2021

I bought the Eiffle dress and Maren dress, so excited to get them in the mail!!

Kellie January 08, 2021

So cute! Lovebird, free spirit and Vienna are all on my wish list!

Kayla January 08, 2021

In love with this collection!! I hope to see more original tops from you guys in the future! I need that Eiffel dress

Tessa Kaye January 08, 2021

So cute!! I’m obsessed with the Lovebird Dress

Cynthia G January 08, 2021

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