Your job title: Creative Lead

Must be a lover of... cuddly furry creatures, friends, chocolate, picnics, flowers, dresses, bike rides, strolls in the park, British romances, and....some good looking dresses. Did we say that already?

Are you looking for somewhere you can put your roots down and grow with a fast-growing company?

Want a job that appreciates and uses your many talents?
Yes? Well this is the job for you. 

JessaKae (, is a Bluffdale, Utah based dress brand that serves women of every size around the globe.

An ideal candidate has experience in the area of retail and e-commerce.

 FULL TIME (not remote)


  • PTO
  • Stocked snacks & drinks
  • Spontaneous AWESOME surprise perk days 
  • MAJOR employee discount code
  • Free Occasional meals
  • Competitive pay & promotional opportunities 
Responsibilities of a Creative Magician:  
    Are you a witty and creative writer? (humor is a MAJOR bonus) Yeah? We like that.
    Can you handle talking to big time influencers and orchestrating fun projects and collaborations? Alright, you are true rockstar. 
    Do you have an artistic creative eye or EYES? Sobbing, why are you so perfect. It's not FAIR!
    Can you assist on dreamy creative photoshoots that look like they are straight from a British Romance TV series? Welp. We need to recover. Where did you even come from?
    Are you a forward thinker? Do you like the hustle? This is the job for you. We need a dreamer, a creative thinker, and a lover of pretty things.
    Duties will include:
      • Keep the storefront cute & styled with the new collection releases
      • Photo Shoot Prep (location scouting, steaming, accessorizing, cataloging etc)
      • Assist on Photo Shoots & Creative Content Days (styling models and keeping the shoot efficient and organized)
      • Help coordinate collaborations and special fun projects with influencers and celebrities 
      • Have design input on collections/dresses
      • Help keep creative processes organized + efficient
      • Turn your creative juice on and help with naming products + collections
      • Run sample and damage sales on Instagram


        • Lives locally to our warehouse & office in Bluffdale, UT
        • Visual merchandise experience 
        • Is available for travel out of state + country
        • Shopify, ShipStation & Google Suite software understanding 
        • Be Cool. Working closely with others over long periods is a lot easier when we all get along.
        • Computer Experience - 2 years+ Mac OS experience (preferred)
        • Team Player - Ability to perform well in an "all hands on deck" environment.
        • High School Diploma (undergraduate degree plus).
        • Punctual & Dependable. 
        • Fast and Efficient (this is a MUST).
        • Eagle Eye Perfectionist - We (and our customers) hate anything but an amazing experience and product— Spotting a centimeter size hole in the armpit of a floral pattern takes extreme retina strength skills.
        • Part-time DJ (yeah we need some good tunes advice).

          Send your resume + cover letter + salary requirements to