Hello! Welcome to our Warehouse Manager job posting. If you’re new to our brand, it’s nice to meet you. If you’ve been following for a while—WE see you! Our goal in this posting is to give you a glimpse into who we are, what we’re all about and what we’re hoping to find in our Warehouse Manager position.
JessaKae (jessakae.com), is a fast-growing women’s dress company located in Bluffdale, Utah. We are a dress brand that serves women of every size around the globe.
Our Team — We’re lovers of chocolate, picnics, flowers, bike rides, strolls in the park, celebrity gossip, British romances and of course fancy dresses. We’re thrivers of creativity and inclusivity. We believe that to break barriers and make real change you have to have the right team. Our team is family.
An ideal candidate has leadership experience in the area of e-commerce warehouse fulfillment.
This is a full-time position, working with our warehouse team overseeing the efficient movement of pretty dresses to all of our lovely customers, stores, and retailers. The successful candidate will be tasked with managing the teams’ inventory control systems and processes, ensuring that all deliveries are made on time and meets our high quality standards. We are looking for someone that will lead and improve shipping and fulfillment, inventory management, and customer support and procedures. We are looking for someone with good-energy and someone that contributes to a positive and friendly work environment.
⁃ Minimum of 4 years experience in senior warehouse e-commerce role ⁃ Expert experience in Shopify
⁃ High proficiency in e-commerce industry
⁃ Lives local to Utah and can commute to our warehouse in Bluffdale
⁃ Mac OS Proficiency
⁃ Team Player - Ability to manage team members and perform well in an "all hands on deck" environment
⁃ Bachelors Degree Preferred
⁃ Punctual & Dependable
⁃ Fast and Efficient (this is a MUST)
⁃ Be Cool. Working closely with others over long periods is a lot easier when we all get along.
⁃ Inventory receiving and processing
- Customer service oversight — Our warehouse team controls shipping and are the direct response group team in responding to customers about all concerns regarding package and delivery related concerns.
⁃ Inventory Management- responsible for all things warehouse — keep inventory counts accurate, accountability for safekeeping of all goods.
⁃ Fulfillment: Pull, pack and ship online orders.
⁃ Organize team work schedules for warehouse
⁃ Keep up with inventory on all office and shipping supplies
⁃ Manage and schedule warehouse team and customer support in fulfilling duties

⁃ Responsible for all orders and shipping to make sure orders are fulfilled with care, precision, and punctuality
⁃ Training new warehouse members
⁃ Assist in occasional warehouse sales or events when needed

Free Unlimited Snacks + Drink
Fun Outings, Sports, Events
Competitive Pay & Promotional Opportunities
Health Benefits
Employee Discount
Based on experience.
If you feel like we would be a good match please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@jessakae.com. Oh, and include in your cover letter your favorite color to let us know you read to the bottom. We look forward to meeting you.