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Your job title: Wizard's Assistant of Creativity & Social

Must be a lover of... cuddly furry creatures, friends, chocolate, picnics, flowers, dresses, bike rides, strolls in the park, British romances, and....(again) some good looking dresses. 

Want a job that appreciates and uses your many talents? 

Yes? Well this is the job for you. 

JessaKae (, is a Bluffdale, Utah based dress brand that serves women of every size around the globe.


  • Free Unlimited Snacks + Drink
  • Free Occasional meals (usually the day you start your diet)
  • Fun outings, sports, events
  • Competitive pay & promotional opportunities 
  • Health Benefits
  • MAJOR employee discount
  • Pay starting 13-16/hr [DOE]

Responsibilities & Qualifications of a wizard assistant: 

  • Are you a witty and creative writer? (humor is a MAJOR bonus) Yeah? We like that.
  • Do you know how to use Canva? Stop it right now, you do??
  • Do you know how to post on all platforms of social media? Man, we might need to make you the wizard instead of the wizards assistant!
  • Can you handle talking to big time influencers and orchestrating fun projects and collaborations? Alright, you are true rockstar.
  • Do you have an artistic creative eye or EYES? Sobbing, why are you so perfect. It's not FAIR!
  • Can you assist on dreamy creative photoshoots that look like they are straight from a British Romance TV series? Welp. We need to recover. Where did you even come from?


  • responsible for posting on all social media accounts + writing fun and creative captions that captivate our audiences and gain those *clicks*
  • assist on photoshoots
  • help the wizard create graphics + ads 
  • help sms campaigns + push notifications + emails
  • run errands + help the wizard with little tasks here and there
  • help keep us organized + efficient
  • turn your creative juice on and help writing product descriptions + naming products + collections

Send your resume + cover letter to