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"Life is about experiencing every moment—the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. At JessaKae, we create dresses that help you feel and embrace all of life's experiences." - JessaKae Maddocks

Our founder, Jessa, infuses her deep empathy and personal journey into every design. Inspired by her own childhood and the struggles of her beloved plus-size grandmother, JessaKae celebrates inclusivity and representation. JessaKae was born from Jessa's desire to provide what she missed as a little girl: the magic and dreams every girl deserves. We showcase the beauty of diversity by featuring people from all walks of life in our dresses, ensuring no one is left out. At JessaKae, we see your soul, your pain, and your beauty. We are here to support you through every moment, helping you break free and feel the true essence of life.

Our Story

JessaKae was founded by Jessa and her partner Jordan in a basement in Draper, Utah, in 2016. Those early days are unforgettable, filled with folding dresses on the couch, building cardboard cities on the patio, and hauling massive USPS mail bags to the post office daily—often in a tiny FIAT. It was a lot of hard work, but it was also a lot of fun.

As operations grew, they expanded into the kitchen, replacing dining room tables with warehouse shelving. The space was affectionately dubbed “Jessa’s sweatshop,” as it wasn’t uncommon to open the front door and find 6-7 people inside, folding clothes and fulfilling orders.

Within a few months, the entire living space was dedicated to JessaKae. Before long, the brand moved into its first actual warehouse (it felt like angels were trumpeting that day). Despite the growth, those basement days remain some of our favorite memories.

Today, JessaKae boasts a robust online presence, with a dedicated following of over 2.5 million on social media. The brand has been featured on numerous online platforms and in various publications. JessaKae has also received several prestigious awards, highlighting its commitment to inclusivity, creativity, and exceptional customer satisfaction.




Jessa's Journey 

Jessa has been an entrepreneur since high school, driven by an innate desire to forge her own path. When the opportunity arose to combine her two passions—photography and fashion—she seized it wholeheartedly.

Working in the fashion industry has not only fueled her creativity but also provided a therapeutic outlet in her battle with depression, a struggle she has faced for years. There's nothing she finds more fulfilling than helping people feel confident, express their personalities, and showcase their unique style through fashion.

Being able to focus on work that she is passionate about has been a profound blessing for Jessa, one for which she is truly grateful.